“One of the biggest construction projects in the city — Bob Kierlin’s $25-million Main Square Community — will soon bring a new preschool, Sicilian bistro, and health clinic to downtown Winona.

Young Winona entrepreneur Eric Mullen recently returned from Sicily, where he spent weeks learning traditional baking and cooking in preparation for the launch of his yet-to-be-named restaurant at Main Square. “It’s going to be a more casual-style bistro bakery,” he said. “The main focus is pastries and breads … We’ll serve sandwiches, but also have some pasta options and soups,” Mullen explained, adding that he picked up some gelato-making chops. Depending on the Main Square Community’s overall construction schedule, Mullen said he plans to open the restaurant in January 2020.

The new preschool, Main Square Montessori, will serve around 42 children from 16 months to six years of age. It will make a dent in the major need for daycare in the Winona area and also provide early childhood education, which child development experts report produces a host of benefits for children and their long-term success.”

– Chris Rogers; Winona Post Reporter

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