Does your dream apartment include a room with a view? Say no more.  The upper level apartments of Main Square Winona boasts some of the best views in town. Located in the heart of downtown Winona, our apartments offer views to the historic rooftops and the beautiful river valley bluffs that create a backdrop to our city.

Every day, residents will enjoy the historic views of red brick buildings, antique chimneys, Hiawatha River Valley Bluffs, and maybe even get a glimpse of the historic bridge peaking around the old stone courthouse.

Our unique town offers a wide variety of color and architecture from the stone marble banks and green manicured lawn, to the steepled roofs of our oldest buildings, and many shades of reds, yellows, and browns that dot the city from old and new buildings alike. Winona is a fantastic place to call home, and at the right view, is simply magical!